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Larger than Life … Cowboy Bebop

Okay, here´s a AMV which YT does not like. So I decided from now on: Every Video which is denied by YT will be uploaded to my Blog. So everyone should be able to see the AMVs I collected in the past 20 years! This one is a really old one. It is from 2000, […]

Kiki learns to fly…

Yes, I did the next AMV. Honestly it is a remake of an almost 20 year old AMV, but this one is it worth to be redone with new footage in a better resolution. I hope you will enjoy the AMV. Video Details Author: Anime: Majo no Takkyuubin Song: Learning to Fly Interpret: Tom […]

I Was Lost …. From the new World

Well, it is sad that Avicii died at the age of 28. One of the best DJs and producers left this world. As promised I will post you a new Vid today. I Was Lost …. Footage from “From the new World” with the Song Wake Me Up from Avicii…. ejoy! Video Details Author: tohnochi […]

Safety … Safety first … Safety Dance!

First I want to present you my new AMV Youtube Channel. From now on, I will post every AMV on YoutTube, on my Blog and on my FB-Page. And here´s right now the next one and my first Video posted on YouTube too. Watch your step, keep an eye on your Safety. Safety First … […]

Just Funkin Dandy – PixelBlended

Here´s the next one from PixelBlended and one of it´s Authors Shin-AMV. High rated on! Just watch and ejoy it for the start into the weekend 🙂 Video Details Author: Shin-AMV Anime: Space Dandy Song: Uptown Funk from Bruno Mars Premiered: 2015/09/26

A funny one … Petit Love from Black

Today I just wanted to show you just a funny AMV. To make it short … A Video about the Word “Love”. Video Details Author: tblack Anime: Clannad, Hand Maid May, Eureka7, Haruhu Suzumiya, Kanokon Song: Petit Love from Premiered: 2008/09/15

I Will Stand by You – Vlad G. Pohnert

Yes, this is the next one from Vlad. This means he is really one of the best AMV creators. Today I chose an AMV with a wonderful Song, but mainly I took this one for todays post because of the Anime used. Laput, Castle in the Sky … from Ghibli Studios. A must see for […]

Crucible of Souls – PixelBlended Studios

Here´s right now the next AMV. The Authors (Xophilarus, Shin-AMV) made this one for the Sakuracon in 2016. Here´s the Vid to enjoy: Video Details Authors: Xophilarus, Shin-AMV Anime: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Song: Of Monsters And Man by Human Premiered: 2016/02/07

Triple 80s Sunday – Part 3 … A tribute to Usagi

This is the last Part today of my Triple 80s Sunday! Yes, and this one is, depending on the footage uses, a special one. The footage used in this Video shows an Anime which was one of my first Series i´ve ever seen in 1992. Usagi Tsukino, as known as SailorMoon! There are a lot […]

Triple 80s Sunday – Part 2 … Transcending Love

And here´s Part 2 of my Triple 80s Sunday! And right now, it´s again one from my favorite AMV author Vlad G Pohnert. Needless to say that he used one really good Song from the 80s to footage of Ah! My Goddess! which also ohne of my favorite classic Anime. Video Details Author: Vlad G […]

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