Triple 80s Sunday – Part 3 … A tribute to Usagi

This is the last Part today of my Triple 80s Sunday! Yes, and this one is, depending on the footage uses, a special one. The footage used in this Video shows an Anime which was one of my first Series i´ve ever seen in 1992. Usagi Tsukino, as known as SailorMoon! There are a lot of AMV in the Internet which are using footage of this Series, but there are only a few which are really good.

The author took a Song which I really love, the Edge of Seventeen from Stevie Nicks. But now, just enjoy this AMV!

Video Details
Author: Theresthegirl
Anime: SailorMoon, SailorMoon Stars
Song: The Edge of Seventeen from Stevie Nicks
Premiered: 2009/12/12

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