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Here´s right now the next AMV. The Authors (Xophilarus, Shin-AMV) made this one for the Sakuracon in 2016. Here´s the Vid to enjoy:

Video Details
Authors: Xophilarus, Shin-AMV
Anime: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
Song: Of Monsters And Man by Human
Premiered: 2016/02/07

Random Girls … yes … random Girls in this AMV!

As promised … new day, new AMV. This time I´ll make it short. The Author used a cool Song to really good picked footage. But, look for yourself:

Video Details
Author: bax390
Anime: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Kampfer, Rosario to Vampire, Gurren Lagann
Song: Shut Up And Let Me Go from The Ting Tings

Triple 80s Sunday – Part 3 … A tribute to Usagi

This is the last Part today of my Triple 80s Sunday! Yes, and this one is, depending on the footage uses, a special one. The footage used in this Video shows an Anime which was one of my first Series i´ve ever seen in 1992. Usagi Tsukino, as known as SailorMoon! There are a lot of AMV in the Internet which are using footage of this Series, but there are only a few which are really good.

The author took a Song which I really love, the Edge of Seventeen from Stevie Nicks. But now, just enjoy this AMV!

Video Details
Author: Theresthegirl
Anime: SailorMoon, SailorMoon Stars
Song: The Edge of Seventeen from Stevie Nicks
Premiered: 2009/12/12

Triple 80s Sunday – Part 2 … Transcending Love

And here´s Part 2 of my Triple 80s Sunday! And right now, it´s again one from my favorite AMV author Vlad G Pohnert. Needless to say that he used one really good Song from the 80s to footage of Ah! My Goddess! which also ohne of my favorite classic Anime.

Video Details
Author: Vlad G Pohnert
Anime: Ah! My Goddess!
Song: You Got it from Roy Orbison
Premiered: 2003/05/30

Triple 80s Sunday – Part 1 … Paper Farewell

Yes, that´s right. I will upload 3 AMV each Sunday. This time it´s the triple 80s sunday. First I will a show you a AMV with one of my favorite 80s Song and, just to say, one of the best Anime OVA Series i´ve ever seen … Video Girl Ai.

Everyone who´s interested in Classic Anime should´ve seen this OVA Series. AniDB says: “When Youta is told by the girl he likes, Moemi, that she likes someone else, he rents a video girl tape from a mysterious video rental shop. When he plays the tape at home, Video Girl Ai emerges from the screen to help him win Moemi’s love. But Youta’s VCR had been malfunctioning and now Ai’s personality is not quite what it was designed to be.”

Video Details
Author: shumira_chan
Anime: Video Girl Ai
Song: Take On Me from A-Ha
Premiered: 2015/06/17

A unlucky magical Index – Yet another cool AMV

Next Day …. next AMV. And a really good one.

One of the best series in the last year is being used in this AMV and to top it up, the Author used one of my favorite Song in the last 5 years. Well, just watch this AMV and you will see…

Author: AimoAio
Anime: A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Magical Index II, A Certain Scientific Railgun, A Certain Scientific Railgun S
Song: Lucky Strike from Maroon 5
Premiered: 2013/07/28

The first AMV – it´s a classic one!

Hey folks,

welcome to my new Blog. In this Blog i will provide you with classic and new AMVs daily. Every day i´ll upload a new AMV (AnimeMusicVideo) from my archive. Within my archive I have about dozens of Videos starting from the 1990s up until now.

First, I want to start with one of my favorite AMV creators, Vlad G. Pohnert. He was (i dunno if he is still doing AMVs) doing AMV in the 1990s until 2014. 2014 his last Video done by him was released. I hope there will be more in the future again.

The following Video was premiers in 2004, exactly on 14th May 2004. Vlad Pohnert took the Song “Love is a Battlefield” from Pet Benatar using Footage of the Anime “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083“.

Video Details
Author: Vlad G. Pohnert
Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083
Song: Love is a Battlefield from Pet Benatar
Premieres: 2004/05/14
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